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V series mixer

Brief description: This machine is suitable for the mixing of two or more dry powdery and granular materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. This machine's mixing cylinder has a unique structure, high mixing efficiency and no dead ends. It is made of stainless steel, polished on the inside and outside walls, beautiful in appearance, uniform in mixing, wide in application area, and can be equipped with a forced agitator according to user requirements to suit thinner parts. The powder ...

CH Series Trough Type Mixer

Brief description: It is used to mix powdery or wet materials, so that different proportions of main and auxiliary materials are evenly mixed. The contact between the machine and the material are made of stainless steel, the gap between the blade and the barrel is small, and there is no dead angle in the mixing. The sealing device at both ends of the mixing shaft can prevent the material from leaking out. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

YYH series one-dimensional sports mixer

Brief description: ■ A simple and efficient powder mixing machine newly developed by our company, with simple structure and convenient cleaning, is a powder mixing device conforming to "GMP". Uses and Features ■ This machine is widely used in the mixing of powder and granules in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dye, feed, fertilizer, pesticide and other industries. ■ Simple structure and easy operation. ■ During operation, loading ...

EYH series two-dimensional motion mixer

Brief description: The EYH series two-dimensional motion mixer is mainly composed of three parts: a rotating drum, a swing frame and a rack. The drum is mounted on a swing frame, supported by four rollers and axially positioned by two blocking wheels. Among the four supporting rollers, two of the transmission wheels are dragged by the rotating power system to rotate the drum; the swing frame is driven by a set of crank and swing mechanism, and the crank and swing machine ...

SYH series three-dimensional motion mixer

Brief description: The charging cylinder is driven by the active shaft to perform repeated movements such as translation, rotation, and rolling to promote the material to move along the cylinder in three directions, thereby achieving the mutual flow and diffusion of various materials , Accumulation, doping. In order to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

W series double cone mixer

Brief description: This machine is suitable for mixing powdery and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials and other industries. This machine feeds powder or granular materials into a double-cone container by vacuum conveying or manual feeding. With the continuous rotation of the container, the materials undergo a complex impact movement in the container to achieve uniform mixing. This machine saves energy, is easy to operate, has low labor intensity, and is more efficient ...

WH Series Double Helix Conical Mix

Brief description: ● Fly knives can be installed and spray atomized assembly to meet special process requirements. ● There are two ways to discharge valve: manual and pneumatic. ● Special materials can increase motor power (heavier).

WZ gravityless mixer

Brief introduction: This series of mixers are characterized by strong and efficient mixing. The two agitators in the horizontal cylinder rotate at the same speed in opposite directions. The specially arranged paddles on the shaft ensure the material to move in three directions: radial, hoop and axial. Compound cycle to achieve uniform mixing in a very short time

Coulter Mixer

Brief description: Horizontal coulter mixer is a new type and high-efficiency powder mixing equipment. The horizontal coulter mixer can be applied to solid-solid (i.e. powder added to the powder) mixing in chemical, coating, pharmaceutical, food, feed, fuel, metallurgy, mining and other industries, as well as wet granulation, drying, concentration and other composite processes. . The structure of the horizontal coulter mixer is mainly composed of the transmission part, the horizontal cylinder, the coulter shaft, ...

WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer

Brief introduction: Horizontal ribbon mixer is applied to solid-solid (that is, powder and powder) solid-liquid (that is, powder and powder) of dry powder mortar, putty powder, chemicals, putty paste, real stone paint, ceramics, and refractory materials. Glue), can also stir paste-like, viscous or larger specific gravity materials.

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