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Xinli Drying, <a href=http://cz263.com> Drying equipment </a>, Changzhou Xinli <a href=http://cz263.com> Drying Equipment </a> Co., Ltd.
Xinli Drying, <a href=http://cz263.com> Drying equipment </a>, Changzhou Xinli <a href=http://cz263.com> Drying Equipment </a> Co., Ltd.
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Spray drying equipment needs to choose different chamber designs according to different production scales
Nozzle atomizers are susceptible to blockage by granular food and ground food gradually widens the holes and increases the average droplet size. There are a large number of atomizer designs, drying chambers, air heating and powder collection systems. Variations in design arise from very different requirements requiring large amounts of various food ingredients to be spray-dried (eg milk, eggs, coffee, cocoa, tea, potatoes, ground chicken, ice cream mix, butter, cream, yogurt and cheese flour, coffee Brighteners, fruit juices, meat and yeast extracts, encapsulated spices and wheat and corn starch products). The design of the spray drying equipment chamber depends on the type of atomizer selected, the gas flow mode, the yield, and the temperature of the dried product in the air when drying the temperature-sensitive product in the chamber. Pilot scale experiments determine the optimal size of the dryer chamber. The shape of the drying chamber is a function of the trajectory angle of the droplets as they leave the sprayer. The chamber must be sized so that the largest droplet contacts the previous dry wall. Auxiliary equipment will change with the design of spray drying equipment , but the most commonly used works are air heaters and fans. Heaters can be direct or indirect and fuel steam, fuel oil, natural gas, electricity, or thermal fluids. The most common heater in the food industry is a steam heater. Saturated steam at 150-200 ° C is used to heat the air to a steam temperature below 10 ° C. Because they are capable of generating high flow rates, centrifugal fans are used to control airflow in spray drying equipment . A dual fan system, a powder recovery cyclone behind one fan position and other inlets in the drying chamber provide room pressure control. The resulting pressure is a function of the blade design.

干燥设备 的规模从小型试验规模的模型,小批量高附加值产品(如酶和香料)到大型的商业模式能够产生80.000千克的每天奶粉。 The scale of spray drying equipment ranges from small trial-scale models, small batches of high value-added products (such as enzymes and flavors) to large-scale business models capable of producing 80.000 kg of milk powder per day. Spray drying is a particularly advantageous heat-sensitive product because the particles have never been subjected to dry air at a higher temperature than the wet bulb, and their residence time is short, typically 3 to 30 due to the very large surface area of the droplets. The temperature of the product is maintained at the wet bulb temperature of the dry air and there is minimal heat damage to the food. Another advantage is large-scale continuous production, low labor costs, simple operation and maintenance. The main limitations are the high capital cost and the requirement for a relatively high feed moisture content to ensure that food can be pumped to the atomizer.
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