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Xinli Drying, <a href=http://cz263.com> Drying equipment </a>, Changzhou Xinli <a href=http://cz263.com> Drying Equipment </a> Co., Ltd.
Xinli Drying, <a href=http://cz263.com> Drying equipment </a>, Changzhou Xinli <a href=http://cz263.com> Drying Equipment </a> Co., Ltd.
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How to choose the right food drying equipment
干燥设备 品种细分可到达几十种之多,有原始农商品的加工干燥,有深加工食物的干燥灭菌,也有人工食物的再次干燥灭菌,因为食物的干燥灭菌要到达必定的规范,才干满意国家的卫生规范和保质期的请求,所以食物的干燥是各种商品干燥中请求最为严厉的干燥。 For now , there are dozens of varieties of food drying equipment . There are processing and drying of original agricultural products, drying and sterilization of deep-processed food, and drying and sterilization of artificial food again because of the drying and sterilization of food. In order to reach a certain standard, we must be satisfied with the national sanitary standards and shelf life requirements, so the drying of food is the most severe drying of various commodities.
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Because the food usually needs proper breeding of bacteria in the process of drying or it can reduce the index of biological pollution, so for now, microwave food drying equipment is the best drying equipment in the food industry.
We have learned advanced experience at home and abroad, optimized planning and precision production, and continue to innovate to produce various types of food drying equipment . The company attaches great importance to details, standards, and high requirements and strict supervision in the production of goods. From the input of materials to the molding of products, it strictly complies with the world's production standards and market demand specifications. The non-waiting world market has been well received by users and won an outstanding reputation for the company.
The selection of food drying equipment requires special treatment of different foods, powdery, blocky, and granular products. In the planning process, special attention must be paid to the sensitivity of different foods to drying temperature. The temperature during the drying process is strictly controlled to ensure the drying quality of the products to obtain the maximum economic benefits. The selection of the ambition of the drying equipment must be based on the user's own conditions and material factors, and it is biased to find the most suitable model in the production plant.
The following are the selection guidelines for food drying equipment :
1. It is necessary for the drying equipment to be suitable for specific materials, and to be satisfied with the basic application requirements for material drying, and to be able to satisfy the basic requirements in terms of processing capacity, dehydration capacity, and product quality. It is best to make a dry test of the material before selection.
2. Priority is given to drying equipment with simple structure, sufficient supply of spare parts, high reliability, long life, and low operating costs, that is, equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs and other operating costs should be as low as possible.
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