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Three dust collectors ordered by a certain biotechnology company in Tongliao for shipment

一、概述 I. Overview

脉冲布袋除尘器是一种干式净化设备。 Pulse bag filter is a dry-type purification equipment. 它利用布袋过滤含尘气体中的粉尘,同时周期性地向滤袋内喷吹压缩空气,以清除滤袋积灰,使滤袋效率保持恒定。 It uses a cloth bag to filter the dust in the dust-containing gas, and at the same time periodically blows compressed air into the filter bag to remove the ash accumulation in the filter bag and keep the filter bag efficiency constant.

本公司生产MF24~MF480型脉冲布袋除尘器。 Our company produces MF24 ~ MF480 pulse bag dust collector. 该种除尘器是在原布袋除尘器的基础上经过不断改进、完善而成的,可以除去1 μ m以上的粉尘,除尘效率98%以上。 This type of dust collector is based on the original bag dust collector, which is continuously improved and perfected. It can remove dust of more than 1 μm, and the dust removal efficiency is more than 98% . 具有结构紧凑、性能稳定、使用寿命长等优点。 It has the advantages of compact structure, stable performance and long service life. 适用于冶金、铸造、矿山、化工、医药、建材等行业的通风除尘和粉尘回收。 It is suitable for ventilation and dust removal and dust recovery in metallurgy, foundry, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries.

型号的组成及含义: The composition and meaning of the model:

MC 180 MC 180


                         Number of bags

                         Pulse bag filter


二、结构特性与工作原理 Structural characteristics and working principle

布袋除尘器由过滤系统、空气反吹系统、箱体、进出风口及出料口组成。 The bag filter is composed of a filter system, an air blowback system, a box body, an air inlet and an outlet, and a material outlet. 过滤系统由滤袋、滤袋框、隔板等组成。 The filtration system consists of a filter bag, a filter bag frame, and a partition. 布袋按材质分为普通、耐油、耐水、抗静电、耐高温等,目数一般为60~600目。 Cloth bags are divided into ordinary, oil-resistant, water-resistant, anti-static, high-temperature resistant, etc. The mesh size is generally 60 ~ 600 mesh. 标准布袋规格为φ 120mm × 2000mm Standard bag specifications are φ 120mm × 2000mm . 布袋材质及目数根据物料特性和粒度大小来选择。 The material and mesh of the bag are selected according to the material characteristics and the size. 空气反吹系统由文氏管、喷吹管、脉冲电磁阀、脉冲控制仪组成。 The air backflushing system consists of venturi tube, spray tube, pulse solenoid valve and pulse controller. 出料口根据除尘器大小和用户要求可配搅龙出料、关风机出料或蝶阀出料。 According to the size of the dust collector and the requirements of the user, the discharge port can be equipped with auger discharge, fan discharge or butterfly valve discharge. 箱体材质根据物料特性或用户要求可选用不锈钢或。 The box material can be stainless steel or according to the material characteristics or user requirements.

含尘气体由进口进入除尘器箱体,经过布袋后由出口排出。 Dust-containing gas enters the dust collector box from the inlet, and is discharged from the outlet after passing through the bag. 由脉冲电磁阀控制的压缩空气周期性的喷入布袋内,将布袋外表积聚的粉尘吹离布袋而落入料斗。 The compressed air controlled by the pulse solenoid valve is sprayed into the bag periodically, blowing the dust accumulated on the outside of the bag away from the bag and falling into the hopper. 收集的粉尘由出料口排出。 The collected dust is discharged from the discharge port.

三、技术特性 Third, technical characteristics

Technical Parameters

Drying capacity

Filter bag specifications

Filtration area

Filtering air volume




m 2

m 3 / h


twenty four

× 2000 φ 120 × 2000


2900 ~ 3900



× 2000 φ 120 × 2000


4420 ~ 5900



× 2000 φ 120 × 2000


6510 ~ 8680



× 2000 φ 120 × 2000


8130 ~ 10840



× 2000 φ 120 × 2000


9770 ~ 13000



× 2000 φ 120 × 2000


10000 ~ 17300

注: a 、进风口允许尘浓度为3~5g/ m3 ,当进风口含尘浓度大于5g/ m3 ,时应降低过滤风速,以保证除尘效率。 Note: a . The allowable dust concentration of the air inlet is 3 ~ 5g / m3 . When the dust concentration of the air inlet is more than 5g / m3 , the filtering wind speed should be reduced to ensure the dust removal efficiency.

b 、处理风量在进风含尘浓度高或粉尘湿度、粘度大时取小值,反之取大值。 b . The air volume to be treated should be a small value when the dust concentration in the inlet air is high or the dust humidity and viscosity are high, otherwise the large value.

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