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Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
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06-22, 2017
Cleaning method of centrifugal spray dryer of centrifugal spray dryer
After we use the centrifugal spray dryer equipment, in order to ensure the next normal use, we need to clean and maintain its centrifugal spray head. So, when cleaning the centrifugal spray head of the centrifugal spray dryer, do you know what methods can be used? Let's take a look at the specific content. In fact, we can choose different methods according to the specific situation to complete the cleaning work of the centrifugal spray dryer centrifugal spray dryer. As far as the current situation is concerned, we can mainly adopt ...
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03-10, 2017
Analysis of rotary drying equipment
Anatomy of a Rotary Drying Device A rotary drying device is a type of industrial drying device that reduces or minimizes the moisture content of the material it handles by directly contacting it with heated gas. Heyl & Patterson, this type of machine manufacturing, materials, chemicals and fertilizers for mineral and metallurgical ore, grains and cereals, as well as pulp, pigments, biomass, coal, oil sands and soil remediation. The heart of a rotary dryer is a rotating cylinder, or casing, ...
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03-01 2017
Advantages of spray dryer
Spray dryers are the most widely used industrial process for particle formation and drying. The spray dryer is a powder, granule or agglomerate particle form for drying solids from liquid raw materials suitable for continuous production. Spray drying is ideal when the final product must meet precise quality standards regarding particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle morphology. GEA Nilu Equipment Engineers Property Our customers need the products and processes needed to produce them. Thanks to the data for more than 70 years ...
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02-20 2017
PSJ-500 crusher uses impact energy to crush materials
Its working principle is driven by a motor, and the rotor rotates at high speed. The hammer on the rotor also rotates at high speed. When the material is hammered, it is then thrown to the impact plate for secondary crushing, then rebounds and is hammered again. This pattern is repeated until the material is completely crushed to the required size and then discharged through the outlet. It is mainly used for the crushing of medium and low hardness mines and rocks in industrial production such as mine selection, chemical industry, cement and building materials. PSJ-500 crusher is a kind of crushing material using impact energy ...
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02-18 2017
Chinese medicine extract spray drying equipment is fast for Chinese medicine drying
For many Chinese medicines, drying is an indispensable process, which has a good effect on the efficacy of Chinese medicines. It uses high-speed centrifugal atomizers to disperse into small droplets and make full contact. Powdery product. The dryer is suitable for drying traditional Chinese medicine and plants, and the extract has low melting point and high sugar content. It prevents material from coking, agglomerating or sticking to the wall. Our dryers comply with GMP standards. 1. The drying speed of this Chinese medicine extract spray drying equipment is fast, one ...
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02-17 2017
Drying process of rotary flash dryer
In the drying process of the rotary flash dryer, the heat exchange in the dryer is mainly based on the air flow and particles, and the two types of heat exchange between the cylinder wall and the particles. The essence of the drying process is the diffusion process of water. It is carried out by external diffusion and internal diffusion. Out-diffusion is the process by which moisture on the particle surface diffuses from the surface to the surrounding medium in the form of steam. Internal diffusion is the process by which water moves inside the particles. Rotary flash dryer uses high-speed hot airflow to enter the cylinder tangentially. Due to the spiral movement of airflow in the cylinder, a ...
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12-19 2016
Choose drying equipment according to material
Facing all kinds of drying equipment on the market, have you ever been dizzy? Have you heard the staff's recommendation that you are still confused? How to choose your own drying equipment? Here, the editor selects the drying equipment according to the material and makes a small summary. 1. Thermally sensitive, fluid, and easily damaged, such as composite materials, nanomaterials, biological products, advanced foods and new pharmaceutical products, we choose microwave drying equipment ...
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11-15 2016
Problems and Solutions During Spray Drying Equipment
Spray drying equipment is a type of drying equipment used in most chemical and food industries to make solutions and suspensions into powder. It uses materials and hot gas to make full contact through co-current, etc., so as to dry quickly, and is a powerful tool to obtain powdery finished products. Spray drying equipment has a good drying effect, and the dust pollution is small, so it is very popular in the industry. However, there are also some problems in the spray drying equipment that will affect the drying effect of the entire material. So Xiaobian simply analyzes here. The spray drying equipment makes ...
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