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Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
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10-24 2016
How to choose the right food drying equipment
For now, there are dozens of varieties of food drying equipment. There are processing and drying of original agricultural products, drying and sterilization of deep-processed food, and drying and sterilization of artificial food again because of the drying and sterilization of food. In order to reach a certain standard, we must be satisfied with the national sanitary standards and shelf life requirements, so the drying of food is the most severe drying of various commodities. Because the food usually needs proper breeding of bacteria in the process of drying or can decline ...
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10-14 2016
What is the desorption drying process of drying equipment
What is the desorption drying process of the drying equipment? The desorption drying process of the drying equipment is a process of drying the bound water part of the material. In the drying process of the drying equipment, the free water inside the sublimated drying material is used for the first time, and the dehydrated drying is used for the second time to dry the bound water in the material. After the sublimation drying is completed, although the free moisture in the material has been dried, there is still a lot of bound water in the material structure, ...
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10-11 2016
Brief description of supporting equipment for chicken essence production equipment
Into the 21st century, people's living standards have improved significantly. The concept of "people-oriented" has been widely accepted around the world. Chicken essence, the second-generation compound condiment in the world, has gradually replaced MSG because it is not only delicious, but also without any side effects, and has become the mainstream of seasoning products. By the end of 2005, the annual consumption of chicken essence in China had reached 150,000 tons, and the replacement rate of MSG was only 20%. Therefore, the market prospects are broad, and there are a lot of talented people who are interested in the development and research of condiment industry ...
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10-09 2016
Spray drying articles
Spray drying tower is a device that can complete drying and granulation at the same time. It is a very common equipment in the fields of biological pesticides, medicine, food microorganisms and other fields. Let's introduce the types, working principles, characteristics, operating procedures, common fault repair methods, and operating precautions of the spray drying tower in detail, so that you can have a deep understanding of the spray drying tower in a short time! The main function of the spray drying tower: the material in the state of solution can be sprayed into the spray drying tower, and the material is discharged in the state of solid powder after drying, ...
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10-08 2016
Analysis of the design of the main body of DW series dehydrated vegetable belt dryer
The dryer includes a main frame with eight support legs and is housed in the drying chamber. The (4.4 m) long x 60 (1.5 m) drying room measures 176 (deep) x 30 (1.2 m) high overall and contains 12 trays providing a total drying area of 100 square feet (10 square meters) depending on Fruits or vegetables to be dried and the load density used can be between 20 kg and 35 kg of freshly cut agricultural products for a period of 2-4 days ...
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10-05 2016
Spray drying equipment needs to choose different chamber designs according to different production scales
Nozzle atomizers are susceptible to blockage by granular food and ground food gradually widens the holes and increases the average droplet size. There are a large number of atomizer designs, drying chambers, air heating and powder collection systems. Variations in design arise from very different requirements requiring large amounts of various food ingredients to be spray-dried (eg milk, eggs, coffee, cocoa, tea, potatoes, ground chicken, ice cream mix, butter, cream, yogurt and cheese flour, coffee Brighteners, fruit juices, meat and yeast extracts, packages ...
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10-04 2016
Analysis of working principle and mechanical characteristics of vibrating fluidized bed
In a fluidized bed dryer, an upwardly moving stream of gas through which a product or solid passes makes a fluid. Fluidized bed mechanical motion enhances this effect, mixing gases and products, enabling high heat transfer and optimal physical reaction speeds to be achieved. By choosing the right combination of gas velocity and mechanical motion, granular products that can be processed have a wide range of particle size successes, while minimizing dust and fines, and increasing yield. Features of fluidized bed drying equipment: Yingtai fluidized bed drying system simple machinery ...
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10-04 2016
Structure and characteristics analysis of rotary drum dryer
The rotating drum drying equipment is a horizontal drying device, which consists of a rotating cylinder, a sending device, a supporting device and a shovel plate. This wood dryer is reasonably designed with a large drying capacity of 1-3T / h. There are also blades with different angles welded on the inside of the entire drum. A door knocker and a rotary shovel set in the breeding place to avoid material splash. Biomass material with a high moisture content is fed into a rotating drum; the shovel plate inside the drum wall enhances the material and these materials are dispersed to move forward in a spiral. in...
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