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Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Copper anode sludge drying production line

Brief description: anode sludge, a mud-like fine-grained substance that falls on the bottom of the electrolytic cell during electrolytic refining. It is mainly composed of impurities insoluble in the electrolyte and metals to be refined in the crude anode metal. Often contains precious and valuable metals, which can be recycled as raw materials for refining precious metals such as gold and silver. For example, the anode slime of electrolytically refined copper can return ...

Glauber's salt drying production line

Brief description: Mirabilite mineral name, commonly known as sodium decahydrate, with a chemical formula of Na2SO4‧10H2O (a crystal formed by the combination of sodium sulfate and water molecules), monoclinic system, short columnar crystals, and a compact aggregate Or shell-like, colorless and transparent, sometimes with light yellow or green ...

Sodium nitrite, industrial desulfurization and drying production line

Brief description: In order to control SO2 pollution, prevent acid rain damage, and accelerate the development of China's flue gas desulfurization technology and industry, it is urgent. Since the 1970s, developed countries have started research on industrial smoke neutralization and simultaneous removal based on years of research on smoke SO2 emission control technology. Desulfurization and denitrification integration ...

Industrial by-product (pigment, waste salt) drying production line

Brief description: The sodium content is above 70%, and it contains a large amount of organic or inorganic impurities. It cannot be used directly as industrial raw material salt, and it cannot be used for food or medical use. Most manufacturers store it. This long-term storage of salt not only occupies a large amount of land, but also poses a huge threat to the environment. Salt and impurities are easily lost, and the surrounding salt ...

Molybdenum powder, inorganic salt dryer

Brief introduction: The disc type continuous dryer is an efficient conductive continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and working principle determine that it has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, convenient operation and control, and good operating environment. by-product...

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