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Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
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LPG series high speed centrifugal spray dryer

Brief description: Spray drying is the most widely used process in the liquid process forming and drying industry. Most suitable for producing powdery, granular solid products from solutions, emulsions, suspensions and pasty liquid raw materials. Therefore, when the particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape of the finished product must meet the fine ...

ZLG series Chinese medicine extract spray dryer

Brief description: The machine is fully enclosed, all parts are made of stainless steel, equipped with a three-stage purification device, and the filtered air reaches the 100,000 level requirement. The top is equipped with a cold wall device, so that the wall temperature is <80 ° C, and the material does not scorch and deteriorate when it stays on the wall, which greatly increases the powder collection rate (up to 95% ...

YPG series pressure spray (cooling) dryer

Brief description: The pressure type spray drying granulator uses a pressure atomizer to atomize the solution or slurry material into fine droplets by the pressure of a diaphragm pump, which significantly increases the surface area and achieves rapid heat exchange through sufficient heat exchange with hot air. Equipment for drying (ten seconds to tens of seconds) to obtain powder or fine particle products ...

XF series horizontal boiling dryer

Brief description: Fluidized bed, also known as fluidized bed, is composed of air filter, heater, fluidized bed host, cyclone separator, bag filter, high-pressure centrifugal fan, and operating table. Due to the different properties of the dry materials, the supporting When dust removal equipment, you can consider according to your needs, you can choose cyclone separator, bag dust removal at the same time ...

GFG series high-efficiency boiling dryer

Brief description: After the air is purified by heating, it is introduced from the lower part by the induced draft fan and passes through the hole plate of the hopper. In the working room, fluidization is formed by the action of stirring and negative pressure. After the water quickly evaporates, it is taken away by the exhaust, and the material is quickly dried.

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