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Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Xinli Drying, Drying Equipment, Changzhou Xinli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
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YZG / FZG series vacuum dryer

Brief description: The so-called vacuum drying means that the dried material is heated and dried under vacuum conditions. If a vacuum pump is used for air extraction and dehumidification, the drying rate is accelerated. Note: If a condenser is used, the solvent in the material can be recovered through the condenser; if a SK series water ring vacuum pump is used, the condenser can be omitted, saving energy investment. ...

SZG series double cone rotary vacuum dryer

Brief introduction: SZG series double cone rotary vacuum dryer is a new generation of drying device developed by our company in combination with the technology of similar products at home and abroad. Specially designed tooling makes the concentricity of the two axes better. The vacuum system adopts a rotary joint for dynamic sealing, which makes the equipment longer in service life.

ZB series vacuum harrow dryer

Brief description: This machine adopts interlayer heating and internal stirring at the same time, the heat transfer surface is large, and the thermal efficiency is high. This machine is equipped with stirring, so that the material can form a continuous circulation state in the barrel, which further improves the uniformity of the material heating. The machine is equipped with stirring, so that the slurry, paste and paste materials can be dried smoothly.

QJ series hollow paddle dryer

Brief description: This product can indirectly heat or cool paste-like, granular, powdery, and paste-like materials, and can complete unit operations such as drying, cooling, heating, sterilization, reaction, and low-temperature combustion. The special wedge-shaped stirring heat transfer paddle in the equipment has high heat transfer efficiency and self-cleaning function of the heat transfer surface.

PLG series disc continuous dryer

Brief introduction: The disc type continuous dryer is an efficient conductive continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and working principle determine that it has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, convenient operation and control, and good operating environment. It is widely used in chemicals, medicine, pesticides, food, feed, agriculture, etc. Drying operations in industries such as by-product processing. In practice in various industries ...

GT series drum scraper dryer

Brief introduction: Drum dryer is an internal heating conduction type rotary continuous drying equipment. The rotating drum passes through the lower material groove, and a thick material film is adhered. The heat is transmitted to the inner wall of the drum through a pipe, and is transmitted to the outer wall of the drum. The moisture-containing material is dried. The dried material is scraped off by a scraper installed on the surface of the drum ...

HZG series rotary drum dryer

Brief description: After the wet material is put in from one end of the dryer, the material is evenly distributed and dispersed in the dryer when the plate reader is uniformly distributed in the inner cylinder, and it is in full contact with the cocurrent (countercurrent) hot air, which speeds up the drying. Heat transfer to drive. During the drying process, the material can be controlled to move to the star-shaped discharge valve of the other section of the dryer under the action of the inclined plate and hot air flow ...

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